Extend your Real Estate Business’ Reach

The Global Collaboration Network

Innovations and advancements in telecommunications and web technology are making the world of business grow ever smaller by the day. This is now true of the real estate industry, and many agents are wishing to operate in markets beyond their traditional regional footprint.

Whilst developing Advantez, research was conducted into the types of problems facing a growing number of agents based in one location, and attempting to sell in another.

Our findings revealed one common problem...

Finding credible local partners and receiving regular updates on products and clients!

When you sign up for Advantez you have the opportunity to instantly connect your business to an ever expanding network of professional real estate service providers, property agents and developers located both close to home and around the world.

Please note - access to the Global Collaboration Network is completely optional, and you can simply choose not to utilise the full power of the network if you so wish.

Advantez's Global Collaboration Network enables you to ...

  • Share contacts with real estate service providers (mortgage brokers, lawyers, insurers) - You will receive instant notification when notes have been added/updated.
  • Share your property listings with agreed agents - If you wish, other agents can request the ability to view and market your properties to their clients.
  • Access other agent's properties - Request collaboration with other agents who have property listings in your clients' specific areas of interest.
  • Collaborate with property developers - Search for property developments all around the world and request the ability to sell units directly from the developer.
  • Invite your existing business partners to join your network - increase your network's range and selling power.

If you would like to learn more, you can...