Feature List

Advantez real estate software is packed with features and functionality.
We provide an exhaustive list of Advantez features below:

Choose your section of interest below:

Desktop & Personalisation

  • Customise pages within the desktop
  • Control which web parts you wish to view
  • Change desktop layout
  • Add RSS feeds

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  • Create unlimited web forms via wizard tool for integration onto your sites
  • Stream leads in via an XML web service from remote applications
  • Qualify leads.  Reject as SPAM
  • Allocate leads to internal staff members
  • Allocate leads to third parties
  • Search leads
  • View reports on lead activity
  • Manage third party progression on leads

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Contact Management

  • Manage buyers
  • Manage sellers
  • Manage solicitors/lawyers
  • Manage all contacts
  • Merge buyer and seller records
  • Bulk re-assign buyers and sellers
  • Bulk archive
  • Store multiple buyer requirements
  • Advanced contact search
  • Save searches for contacts
  • Share contacts with third parties
  • Store contact activity
  • Save contact enquiries
  • Store contact appointments
  • Save contact correspondence history
  • Manage contact status
  • Upload and associate documents with contact record
  • Send individual emails to contacts
  • Create custom fields
  • Manage contact groups
  • Manage contact sources
  • Public company directory
  • Import contacts

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Property Alert Management

  • Create multiple property requirements per buyer
  • Automatically notify buyers of new matches
  • View history of automated emails
  • Match buyers to your properties and other agents properties
  • Match properties to your buyers
  • Score and rank property matches

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  • Manage property listings
  • Geo-coded property locations
  • Upload multiple images documents for each property
  • Descriptions in multiple languages
  • Record room measurements
  • Manage keys
  • Advanced property search
  • View search results on Google map
  • Search using Google maps and distance boundaries
  • Search your listings, sharing agent listings / all listings
  • Save search results
  • Refine search results
  • Export search results to major portals
  • Add custom fields to properties
  • Create window cards
  • Create handouts
  • Create magazines
  • Email property details directly to clients
  • Save search as property alert
  • Create property alert emails
  • Manage property viewings
  • Create viewing forms
  • Manage offers
  • Acceptance/rejection and withdrawals of offers
  • Manage entire sales progression
  • Customisable (drag and drop) sales progressions,
  • Manage financial data after sale completion

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  • Manage all rental properties
  • Graphical booking grid (drag and drop functionality)
  • Booking grid can display short / mid / long term views
  • Create unlimited costing structures using graphical grid (drag and drop functionality)
  • Payment management
  • Arrival management
  • Departure management
  • Cleaning management
  • Search rental property
  • Create window cards
  • Create handouts
  • Create magazines
  • Add custom fields to properties
  • Email rental property details directly to clients

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  • Create and manage entire developments
  • Upload images and documents for each development
  • Manage developments by phase
  • Live real time online availability
  • Export availability lists to Excel
  • Flexible, multi-level development group creation (blocks/ stairwells/wings etc...)
  • Add custom fields for developments
  • Development search tool
  • Saved searches
  • Search for developments via Google maps
  • Unit search tool
  • Investor metrics search tool
  • Manage unit details
  • Upload images and documents for each unit
  • Manage unit types
  • Add custom fields for units
  • Manage sharing rights to agents
  • Lockdown access to specific units for specific agents
  • Take reservations online
  • Manage entire sales progression
  • Customise multiple sales progression
  • Create window cards
  • Create handouts
  • Create magazines
  • Invite agents to view your developments
  • Manage agent collaboration requests online
  • Send newsletter updates to agents

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  • To-do list of jobs
  • Manage system schedule tasks
  • Manage appointments via Outlook style calendar
  • Branch managers can view activity of staff members
  • Branch managers can add jobs for staff members
  • Simple colour coding for overdue jobs
  • Run reports on overdue jobs

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  • Create an unlimited suite of letter templates
  • Merge fields into letter templates
  • Customise existing letter templates
  • Create email newsletter campaigns
  • Create unlimited newsletter templates
  • Send test emails
  • Send HTML and plain text newsletter campaigns
  • Send to segmented lists of your contacts
  • View real time reports of email delivery success / bounce rate /open rate
  • View reports on geographical locations of recipients
  • View graphical heat maps of newsletter campaigns of which links people clicked
  • Schedule newsletters to be sent at specific times
  • Automatically handle unsubscribe requests from email campaigns

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  • Prewritten reports for all business areas ready for immediate use
  • Choose tabular or graphical reporting
  • Advanced drill-down support
  • Aggregate reporting functionality (sum, average, min, max, etc…)
  • Flexible report builder with report save functionality
  • Email reports
  • Produce PDF print outs
  • Schedule reports to multiple users (coming soon)

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Settings & Miscellaneous Features

  • Manage unlimited numbers of branches
  • Detailed roles and staff permission-based system
  • Add and manage staff with levels
  • IP and DNS restrictions per branch
  • IP and DNS restrictions per user
  • Password policies with forced changes and expiry dates
  • Manage email templates
  • Manage email settings, send emails via your own SMTP server
  • Data import via XML
  • Data export via XML
  • Quick export of properties to major portal formats
  • Custom proprrack XML data schemas

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Collaboration & Multi Listing Service (MLS)

  • Collaborate privately with any Advantez agent using our collaboration agreements
  • One-way and two-way property collaborating
  • Join one or more MLS groups operated by Advantez or a third party
  • Operate and control your own MLS Group (ask for details)
  • Communicate with your collaborating agents using a messaging system

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Help & Support

  • Quick start guides
  • FAQ
  • Knowledge base
  • Quick tips (contextual)
  • Full online help manual
  • Access to Advantez community

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