Overview of Advantez Real Estate Software

Advantez property software has been created by real estate professionals specifically for today's property industry. Many thousands of hours have been spent analysing the core sevices required by professional real estate agents working in the modern marketplace.

From this in-depth analysis of the real estate market we have grouped these requirements into 6 key components:

  • Product management
  • Sales & marketing
  • Contact management
  • Business processes and workflow
  • Time & activity management
  • Partner management

Advantez real estate software encompasses the 6 key components via a single solution delivered securely via your web browser from anywhere in the world.

Learn about the vast range of features advantez provides.

A completely integrated property software solution to save time and increase control and revenue

After researching the day-to-day workload of a wide cross-section of leading global real estate agents, we have learned that in order to complete their daily work, many agents operate up to 4 different software applications, each with pricing, training and installation issues and very little data synchronisation between them.

Advantez provides an ideal solution: it seamlessly combines a vast range of features and functions to provide a single, robust property software product. In this way it enables you to go about your daily real estate business with a higher level of control and performance than ever before and accelerate your company's growth beyond its current boundaries.

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