Real Estate Service Providers

Advantez is the long-awaited, fully integrated solution that the real estate industry has been calling for. It is a unified business platform designed to help develop global communication within the industry and promote collaboration across traditional borders; more than just a software package, Advantez actually helps agents control their operations and accelerates them to completely new levels.

A fundamental part of Advantez is the Global Collaboration Network, which allows agents to seamlessly integrate third-party service providers and partners into their in-house processes. This provides a unique opportunity for real estate service providers such as lawyers, mortgage brokers and insurance companies to achieve new business from Advantez channels.

Advantez is for real estate service providers:

  • Lawyers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Insurance providers
  • Furniture companies
  • Financial advisors
  • Taxation specialists
  • Relocation agents
  • Travel agents
  • Plus many more opportunities...

Advantez provides the ability for quality service providers from all over the world to announce their services to real estate agents and developers on a daily basis.

We believe in relevant advertisement placement from quality partners

Advantez's software does not permit bulky and crude banner advertising and we fundamentally refuse to compromise on any aspect of the platform's quality. However we do believe in providing non-obtrusive service advertisements at relevant times and places within the software.

Enquire about relevant advertising opportunities.

Are you an agent or developer?

If you are a sales or letting agent, we suggest you read more about how advantez will accelerate your business growth.

Property developers or promoters, learn how Advantez can assist you in marketing your development to a large selection of international real estate agents.