Property Portal Feeding - How to work with Advantez property software

Let's work together for mutual benefit

One of the most popular features of Advantez real estate software is that it provides its agents with a one-click export of their property listings stored on Advantez to a wide range of popular property portals.

Why is it free with Advantez?

We wish to provide our valued agents with an exhaustive list of quality advertising options with a simple one-click export. So you get more advertisers and we keep our agents happy. Simple.

The technical requirements?

If you are not a technical person, then please direct your technical team to this page, they will understand the technical jargon below. If your portal accepts listings via an electronic data feed (csv/xml/txt) then the chances are we can provide a one-click export to you.

What we require from you:

  • Valid sample feed
  • Schema | DTD | XSD
  • Location of any online validator
  • Company logo

Please send the below in an email to or alternatively contact us using the enquiry form.

** Please note that sending this information does not guarantee inclusion within the software.

If your portal does not accept a data feed you are potentially missing out on new business.

In a recent article by it was found that 91% of agents were put off by the admin of maintaining multiple portals.

Why not get your technical team to create a data feed import based on the Advantez schema in most cases it is not a huge task for an experienced programmer.

When this is in place, contact us and we will provide a one click export for you.

Important note:

Advantez will only export Advantez data values. It is your responsibility to map these to your data values in the case of differing data.

Are you an agent or developer?

If you are a sales or letting agent, we suggest you read more about how advantez will accelerate your business growth.

Property developers or promoters, learn how Advantez can assist you in marketing your development to a large selection of international real estate agents. fish4homes trulia