How Advantez Property Software Will Help You

Developed specifically for the real estate industry by experienced property professionals, Advantez property software will help you accelerate your business to new levels, increasing your productivity and streamlining many management overheads.

Advantez property software enables you to:

  • Increase your property sales by providing increased visibility in the marketplace and improved search engine rankings

  • Instantly expand your listings by sharing property listings with other collaborating agents all over the world

  • Automatically notify clients of new properties that match their specific requirements via Sales Angel

  • Keep track of your business by logging in from anywhere in the world. (authorisation permitting)

  • Report in micro-detail on all aspects of your business

  • Allow managers to keep track of their staffs' workload and activity

  • Manage multiple branches across the globe, using one standardised solution

  • Restrict un-authorised access to critical data, lock down access to specific features, limiting them to specific users

  • Reduce duplication of data and work

  • Reduce IT licensing and support costs

  • Increase control of collaboration with third party partners

  • Follow and adapt best-practice processes in critical areas of your business

  • Increase conversion rates on email marketing campaigns: learn what's working and what's not with detailed campaign reporting

  • Easily create web forms to allow you to integrate leads directly from multiple websites into the Advantez lead management function

  • Forget about latest updates, complex installations and system crashes; Advantez is always running the latest version; it requires no software upgrades and is maintained by an expert team of technicians

*If you are a real estate service provider such as a lawyer, mortgage broker, insurer etc... you can discover how Advantez can help you accelerate your business growth.

**If you are a property developer or promoter Advantez can help you increase the exposure of your development(s) to worldwide agents.

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